lv for Windows Mod


"lv for windows mod" is modification of lv421-windows.
This application works fine as a pager on Win7 + Console2.


What is lv?

lv is a Powerful Multilingual File Viewer / Grep.
The original version "lv" is available here and the windows porting version (lv421-windows) is available here.

Problem of pager application in Console2 on Win7

Console2 crashes on Windows 7, when less or lv421-win is started in. Discussions of this problem are in this topic and here.

"lv for windows mod" can avoid this problem, and it works fine as pager in Console2 + Win7.

Additional command key bindings

UP/DOWN : Previous/Next line
LEFT/RIGHT : Previous/Next half page
PageUp/PageDown : Previous/Next page
Home/End : Beginning/End of the line

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