bbinterfaceMod_iTunes [Download Latest Version]
bbinterfaceMod_iTunes is modification of bbinterface (based on bbinterface 0.9.9).
This mod contains iTunes support, Network monitor, new styles, and so on.
See readme for more details.
Latest 0.9.9_k10b 395KB
0.9.9_k10 395KB
0.9.9_k09c 389KB
0.9.9_k09b 389KB
0.9.9_k09 389KB
0.9.9_k08 361KB
0.9.9_k07 354KB
0.9.9_k06 354KB
0.9.9_k05b 353KB
0.9.9_k05 352KB
0.9.9_k04 347KB
0.9.9_k03 346KB
0.9.9_k02 346KB
0.9.9_k01 343KB

bbBroamTunes [Download Latest Version]
This plugin offers bro@ms which can control iTunes. [readme]
Latest 0.16 29KB
0.14 27KB
0.12 27KB

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